About Us 1.0

We at MyEtta, have deep and rich experience in production and procurement of materials. We have branched from our sister brand One For Pets and taken another step further to provide quality goods. Our colleagues were very excited because we were all pet owners and knew what our loved ones needed. 

In the process of investigating the pet products market, we found that there are two extreme phenomena. The very high-end product with elegant colors and high price sold to niche markets. On the other end, is cheap products with trendy colors and material that are not only easily torn but not environmentally friendly.

These two grades of products are not what we want to develop. After a long period of research and research, visiting retail stores, raw material suppliers, production plants and a large number of consumers, we finally chose the current positioning: to provide superior quality products, multi-functional, durable, environmentally friendly, and at the right price.

As a result, we have immediately gained the recognition of consumers in the short period of time when we set up our product line. Not only in North America, but also in the fiercely competitive Hong Kong market, there are also many people who know the value of products, rather than blindly pursuing low-cost goods.

The affirmation of consumers has given us a lot of encouragement and support, which has inspired us and strengthened our confidence, and we are determined to go further in this direction.

Seemingly simple ideas and positioning, why haven't other brands done all these things over the years, and yet we can in such a short time? As mentioned above, our colleagues, with their rich experience and knowledge and enthusiasm for products and production, allow us to find excellent suppliers and manufacturers of common ideas and develop some unique and very useful products. 

Look at our two flagship products as an example

        #1818 INTERLACED MATTRESS – This product has been developed to the product and it took us more than two years. At the beginning, we talked with the veterinarian about finding the right mattress for the old dog. Memory latex products are generally recommended on the market, but professionals point out that memory latex has two shortcomings that make old dogs guilty: this mat seems to be comfortable, but its characteristics are easy to collapse, and it is very difficult to get up when it is old. In addition, this kind of pad changes the dog's body temperature, let the dog nest down, so that the dog's skin can not properly sweat and heat, their tired and weak body can not stand alone, originally thought they can lie down Rest, the result is to let them suffer.

        We have always wanted to develop a cushion that can have good support (for joint and hip deformation), ventilation (skin problems), and moisture permeability (some old dogs have incontinence problems), and can not let the old dog lie on it for a long time to produce hemorrhoids (stress PRESSURE ULSER), we have developed this new material INTERLACED MATTRESS from the use of medical materials, combined with five different plastic materials and special hole wire molds, but failed many times because of unstable formulation. We went back and forth to different material suppliers. As a result, the current revised formula was made up of five factories in the United States and Japan. Colleagues can imagine the investment in the process and the emotional ups and downs, but seeing this new product allows the veterinarian to approve the recommendation, and indeed can protect the old dog from extra days of

Another popular dog mattress #1808 SIESTA SPANISH INDOOR / OUTDOOR BED, we are looking for a strong but beautiful fabric, as well as anti-staining water. After a lot of consideration, we finally found in Europe's largest textile mill. Now they have joined the TELFON anti fouling and waterproof materials from the color yarn stage. In order to make the fabric color bright and not damaged by the sun's UV, the factory adds anti-ultraviolet additives to effectively maintain the yarn color for more than three years. Both inside and outside can be used. More importantly, the dyes used, as well as the rinsing process, comply with the highest safety and health standards in the EU, so that pets are not harmed by improper chemical materials. 

Cheaper products that use thin easy tear fabric and cheap unsanitary cotton so save costs but only last two or three months. But our products can be used repeatedly. It is strong and bite-resistant and does not fade. The inner core of the liner is a new material with good resilience and can be machine washed repeatedly. With our strategic sewing structure, the inner filling can be evenly distributed even after washing. Many customers have used it for two or three years, still enjoying the same quality, and the value obtained is far more than the money paid! The so-called "you buy and use", I believe that everyone can also consider.

We have found that there are quite a lot of consumers who know the value of products, and their unyielding opinions and their praise and affirmation of our products shows that were were right in our direction. We will continue to develop new varieties of suitable and practical products for pets and owners!