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Grap.6es Pet Shampoo (500ml)

Grap.6es Pet Shampoo (500ml)

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We proudly present our first Grap.6es™ (Graphene Water) incorporated vet formulated pet shampoo that is pH-balanced, alcohol-free and paraben-free. Knowing our fury companions' skin is sensitive and susceptible to chemicals, our shampoo only uses natural ingredients in hopes to create a more gentle and enjoyable bathing experience for them. 


  • Vet formulated and manufactured in Hong Kong
  • Naturally Medicated Formula - all natural ingredients plus pH balanced, alcohol free, paraben free
  • Reduced shedding, anti-itch, unpleasant-odor control, condition and moisturize the coat and skin, detangles fur
  • Tear-free formula - uses natural oils that will not irritate or inflame their eyes or nose
  • Grap.6es™ (Graphene Water) - A proprietary technology of extracting high carbon-oxygen ratio of graphene and emulsifying them evenly in water. It has been showed to be effective against inflammation and accelerate wound repair. 

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