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Enki Ozone Water Sanitizer

Enki Ozone Water Sanitizer

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ENKI Ozone Water Sanitizer utilizes DPET (Diamond Polarization Electrolytic Technology) to convert clean water into safe and stable ozone water instantly. In addition to cleaning surface area and killing germs by contact, ozone water can also deodorize decompose odor causing materials when applied directly.

  • Developed in Hong Kong
  • No chemical ingredients and essential oils, zero residue
  • Can decompose organic matter, good deodorizing effect
  • Can be sprayed directly on the skin
  • Ozone water kills bacteria by breaking down the cell wall and membrane of bacteria by oxidation as O3 molecule converts to O2

Safety Standard Certification:

  • FCC Federal Communications Commission
  • CE European conformity certification
  • PSE electrical appliances Japan PSE mark certification
  • RoHS EU Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive
  • CCC China Compulsory Product Certification
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