EVA Backpack

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The EVA Backpack is light-weight yet sturdy which is the perfect solution when you want to take your pet out for activities around town, or even for a hike in the woods.

  • The spacious interior means your pet can sit, stand or even lie down comfortably.
  • Zippered top mesh opening allows your pet to stick the head out to enjoy the fun of the trip or you to interact with your pet.
  • Adjustable security leash inside the bag helps retrain your pet or keep him/she stable.
  • The EVA Backpack’s versatile design allows you to carry it on your chest, on your back or across one shoulder – your choice.
  • Built-in rear compartment makes it easy to take the weight off your shoulders by slipping the EVA Backpack over the handle of a luggage trolley.
  • Fold the EVA Backpack flat at the end of your trip and store in the carry bag that comes with every EVA Backpack.
  • Small size EVA Backpack fits under most airline seat.

Two Sizes: 

Small: (15-1/2" - 17") x 11" x 13"H for pets up to 18kg.

Large: (18-1/4" - 21") x 14" x 13-3/4"H for pets up to 20kg.