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EVA Backpack

EVA Backpack

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The EVA Backpack is a light-weight yet sturdy carrier, which is the perfect solution when you want to take your furry companion out for casual activities around town, or even for a nice hike in the woods.

  • Spacious Interior - your furry friend can sit, stand or even lie down comfortably
  • Zippered Top Mesh - when zipper is open, your cute pet can stick its head out to enjoy the surrounding
  • Adjustable Security Leash - located inside the bag which helps keep it stable
  • Versatile Design - carry it on your chest, your back or across one shoulder – your choice
  • Pass-through Panel at the back - take the weight off your shoulders and slide it over the handle of a luggage trolley for a hassle-free traveling
  • Save Spaces - easily collapsible. You can fold it flat, put it into the carrying bag that comes with every EVA backpack and store at tight spaces
EVA Backpack (Small) fits under most airline seat.

    Product Dimensions 

    Small: 43.2cm x 28cm x 33cm

    (Recommend for pets up to 18kg)

    Large: 53.3cm x 35.6cm x 35cm

    (Recommend for pets up to 20kg)

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