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Functional Fragrance Diffuser

Functional Fragrance Diffuser

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FRAMULA Functional Fragrances are created with EmotiOn™ technology, a patented odor neutralization technology based on the principle that olfactory receptors in the human nasal cavity produce unique signals that communicate scent messages to the brain. Based on the location of olfactory receptors in the brain, the brain associates a scent with a memory or emotion at the time of smelling, thus mobilizing a wealth of emotions. FRAMULA also uses a technology that employs natural topography to lock in the scent of flowers at their natural growth stage for the best aroma.

Types of Fragrance:

Violet Young Rose - Perfect combination of the fresh aroma of roses and the "Joy" factor dispels the depressed mood, such as a dream of roses dancing, the sweet whisper, like a lover whispering in the ear

Red Fruit Tea - Fresh aroma of green tea is perfectly integrated with the "Relaxing" factor to open up a relaxing space in the busy life, release the tense nerves, and enjoy the pleasure and freedom of the mind

Vanilla Jasmine - Natural aroma of jasmine is perfectly integrated with "Sleep" factor, so that the mood before going to bed is gradually soothing and calm, and you can enjoy a good night's sleep in a peaceful space

Peach Sandalwood - Perfect combination of the calm aroma of sandalwood and the "Focus" factor can calm the impatience, clear the mind, promote thinking, and maintain constant focus in a noisy world



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