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Grap.6es Pet Skin Spray (100ml)

Grap.6es Pet Skin Spray (100ml)

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Our latest product is the perfect solution for managing minor pet wounds. This skin spray is designed to help accelerate the skin healing process and reduce  the risks of infection. With antiseptic properties to prevent pain and discomfort, Grap.6es Pet Skin Spray is the ideal choice for pet owners seeking to treat their pet's minor skin wounds.


  • Manufactured in Hong Kong
  • Safe for use on animals of all ages, species and skin types
  • Non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing
  • No alcohol, antibiotics, steroids boric acid and tea tree oils
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Grap.6es(Graphene Water) - A proprietary technology of extracting high carbon-oxygen ratio of graphene and emulsifying them evenly in water. It has been showed to be effective against inflammation and accelerate wound repair. 

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