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Homerun Cat Litter Box

Homerun Cat Litter Box

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Double-door design, front door entry, top exit with filtered stepping platform to help remove litter particles
Extra large internal space, can easily accommodate a 20-pound cat, bottom drawer design makes cleaning cat litter easy and convenient

1. Extra long drawer for placing sand
2.Drawer-type design makes shoveling and cleaning more convenient. Bottom of the drawer has pulleys, making it easy to pull out the 13L cat litter.
3.The antibacterial rate in 3.1 hours is as high as 96.18%.
*Data source measured by real simulation test of Hohmann Laboratory
4. Three odor-purifying and antibacterial modes
a. Intelligent mode: starts working when it senses the cat exit 
b. Intermittent mode: work every interval
c. Disinfection mode: Super strong disinfection, return to original setting mode after completion
5. Entrance is adjustable and suitable for all ages. The stop block can be installed facing downwards, turning it into a two-way door in seconds, allowing small cats to enter and exit easily.

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