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Laser Pet Toy

Laser Pet Toy

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Unleash the fun and keep your pet entertained with the Laser Pet Toy! The round-bottomed design and 360-degree irregular rotation will keep them on their toes as they chase the tempting laser projection. An economical and exciting option to keep your furry friend entertained while you're away.

User Guide:

  1. Long press the power button on the hat to turn on (automatically enter slow-speed mode)
  2. Press again to enter Fast-speed mode
  3. Press once more to enter dormant mode
  4. Press again to turn off
  5. Will automatically enter standby mode if dormant for 2 consecutive minutes
  6. Toy will reactivate after a light touch

Important Reminders:

  • Do not rotate or remove the top part as it might lead to the laser pointer malfunctioning
  • Do not wash toy with water or other liquid, please wipe with towel to keep it clean
  • Do not point laser to eye as it might cause retinal damage
  • Avoid letting children handle the toy alone
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