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Orthopedic Interlaced Air Bed with "Ferny Green" Collection

Orthopedic Interlaced Air Bed with "Ferny Green" Collection

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We are now thrilled to introduce an upgrade version of the Orthopedic Interlaced Air Bed, the ‘Ferny-Green’ collection with the special functions of Anti-Microbial and Odor Suppression. This fabric bedcover is treated with SILVERPLUS® textiles auxiliary during the dyeing process. SILVERPLUS® is a silver ion technology developed by Rudolf GmbH, a well known company based in Germany that specialized in providing innovative textile and chemical products.

  • Inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi
  • Effective even when washed at a low temperature
  • Resistant to multiple washes (over 100 washes at 60˚C), it can still retain its bactericidal and anti-odor effects

SILVERPLUS® proprietary microstructures trigger powerful antibacterial effects based on 3 distinctive inhibiting mechanisms:

  1. Blocking of oxygen-transporting enzymes 
  2. Inactivation of Sulphur-containing proteins
  3. Locking on the cell membrane of bacteria, causes the rupture of the microorganism surface protein in the membrane

It can inhibit most common bacteria and fungus, tests have proven the efficacy on:

  1. Staphylococcus aureus
  2. Candida(Monilia)albicans
  3. Escherichia coli
  4. Listeria moncytongenes
  5. Corynebacterium xerosis etc.

Certifications, Approvals, and Listings

  • bluesign® APPROVED
  • Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®(
  • BfR-registration card No.: 6546712 Germany
  • Registered according to the European biocide product regulation in Germany: N-71727
  • EPA-registration No.: 84189-2 USA

Product Dimensions

Small: 68.6cm x 53.3cm x 8cm

(Recommend for pets up to 16.5 kg)

Medium: 91.4cm x 68.6cm x 8cm

(Recommend or pets up to 29.5 kg)

Medium with Head Rest:  91.4cm x 68.6cm x 8cm / 17.8cm

(Recommend for pets up to 29.5 kg)

Large: 114.3cm x 86.4cm x 8cm

(Recommend for pets up to 44.5 kg)

Large with Head Rest: 114.3cm x 86.4cm x 8cm / 17.8cm

(Recommend for pets up to 44.5 kg)


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