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Homerun Pet Fountain Porcelain plate + Wireless UVC pump

Homerun Pet Fountain Porcelain plate + Wireless UVC pump

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Introducing the CF20, a wireless water dispenser with advanced features designed for pets. It incorporates wireless magnetic induction power supply technology, ensuring safety and cleanliness. The dispenser utilizes deep ultraviolet sterilization technology to effectively eliminate harmful microorganisms such as Escherichia coli, infectious hepatitis, and tuberculosis bacilli, providing clean water without any residue. With separate inner and outer barrels, the CF20 is equipped with intelligent functions like an anti-dry burning system, a foreign body identification protection system, and a filter cartridge replacement reminder. It simulates the sound of fresh murmuring water to entice pets to drink and provides peace of mind for pet owners.

Key Features:

  • Wireless water pump with 99% sterilization rate: The pump features a built-in high-power UVC-LED that periodically releases ultraviolet light, effectively killing bacteria and reducing biofilm production for long-term antibacterial effects.
  • Upgraded ceramic cover: The smooth ceramic glaze and water flow facilitate the quick removal of surface hair, debris, and food particles.
  • Silent operation: The advanced technology ensures a noise level of only 20 dB, attracting pets without generating any patting sound.
  • Large water capacity: The dispenser can hold up to 2 liters of water, sufficient for an adult cat's drinking needs for approximately 5-7 days.
  • Easy-to-clean design: The separate inner and outer barrels have smooth, bowl-like inner walls, making it easy to clean.
  • Energy-efficient: The CF20 operates on a 5V-1A power supply, consuming as little as 1.5 kWh per month. The concave design of the inner barrel and the bottom suction principle of the pump minimize water waste, aligning with the concept of energy conservation.
  • Safety features:
    a. Dry burning system: If the water level is too low, the pump automatically stops working, accompanied by a red light warning indicating water shortage.
    b. Foreign body identification and protection system: The charging base of the outer barrel has a FOD (Foreign Object Detection) function. If a metal foreign object is detected, the wireless water pump automatically cuts off the power supply, ensuring safety during use.

User guide:

  1. Remove the inner bucket.
  2. Plug in the outer bucket and connect the power adapter.
  3. Remove the water cover and filter table from the inner bucket.
  4. Pour water into the inner bucket, ensuring it does not exceed the maximum water level.
  5. Dry the outer walls of the inner bucket.
  6. Place the filter table and water cover back into the inner bucket.
  7. Dry the inside of the outer bucket.
  8. Insert the inner bucket into the outer bucket.

Important Reminders:

  • It is recommended to clean the water filter element and accessories (including the inner bucket, outlet pipe, water pump, and sponge) at least once a week to prevent blockage and bacterial growth.
  • Do not use water above 40 degrees Celsius to clean or heat the dispenser, as it may cause deformation of the parts and affect its functionality.
  • Keep the outer bucket of the water dispenser dry and avoid washing or soaking it.
  • Use the original power adapter to ensure the proper functioning of the water dispenser.
  • Place the water dispenser on a level surface to ensure optimal performance.
  • When adding water, ensure it stays below the highest scale line and above the lowest scale line.
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