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Homerun Pet Hair Dryer

Homerun Pet Hair Dryer

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The 39-degree chamber intelligent drying box is an advanced solution for drying pets' fur. Equipped with NTC intelligent frequency conversion temperature control technology, it simulates the most comfortable 39°C sensation for cats and dogs. The dryer features a DC brushless fan, reducing sound to 40 dB, and utilizes the Archimedes spiral principle for even drying without any dead angles. A built-in high-precision sensor and overheating protection components, comprehensive pet safety is ensured. The dryer comes in two different sizes (50L/60L) enhanced by two windows that facilitate human-pet interaction. Experience SPA-quality comfort care as the intelligent frequency conversion temperature control takes care of any discomfort brought on by temperature variations.

Key Features:

  • Intelligent temperature control helps maintain a comfortable temperature for your pets.
  • Multiple usage: drying box, pet house, and disinfection cabinet.
  • Cat-nest mode for year-round warmth and comfort.
  • Sterilization and clean mode for thorough disinfection.
  • Low operating sound of 40 dB for a peaceful experience.
  • Hair care features negative ions to reduce static electricity and improve coat health.
  •  Window with switch for pet interaction options.
  • User-friendly touch-screen operation with slide-to-unlock function.

Instructions for Use:

  1. Routine operation:

    • Power on: Press and hold the power button.
    • Unlock: Slide the button to unlock the device.
    • Lock: Slide the button again to lock the device.
    • Adjust brightness: Hold down the power button.
    • Turn off: Press the power button again.
  2. Set the drying mode:

    • Switch modes: Press the Mode button.
    • Temperature setting: Press the Set button, then use the Increase or Decrease buttons to adjust the temperature.
    • Time setting: Press the Set button again, then adjust the working time using the Increase or Decrease buttons.
    • Wind speed setting: Press the Set button once more, then adjust the wind speed using the Increase or Decrease buttons.
    • Start: Press the Start/Stop button to initiate the drying process.
  3. Winter Warm Cat Nest Mode:

    • Switch to Winter Warm Cat Nest mode using the Mode button.
    • Temperature and wind speed settings can be adjusted using the Set and Increase/Decrease buttons.
    • Start the operation with the Start/Stop button.
  4. Summer Cooling Cat Nest Mode:

    • Switch to Summer Cooling Cat Nest mode using the Mode button.
    • Adjust the wind speed using the increase or decrease buttons.
  5. Sterilization mode:

    • Switch to the quick drying mode using the Mode button.
    • To activate the sterilization and clean taste modes, press and hold the lock button and mode button simultaneously.
    • Start the operation with the Start/Stop button. Please ensure pets are not present during this mode.
  6. Daily cleaning:

    • Turn off the device by holding down the power button.
    • Disconnect the power cable.
    • Remove pet hair from the device.
    • Wipe the inside of the box with a rag.
    • If necessary, remove the bottom drain plug for any accumulated sewage.
    • Wash the rear filter and filter cotton with water, then dry before reinstallation.


  • Before initial use, remove the windows on both sides and let pets adapt to the drying box gradually.
  • During use, ensure pets are not left unattended for observation and comfort purposes.
  • Follow the recommended settings and adjust wind speed and modes accordingly based on pet behavior and comfort level.

Product Dimensions:

PD50: 44cm x 47cm x 44cm

PD60: 44cm x 47cm x 49cm

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