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Smart Pet Deodorizer

Smart Pet Deodorizer

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Remove pet odors and sterilize the air in one step with our Smart Pet Deodorizer. It uses negative ion and ozone technology in a compact design, perfect for litter boxes and pet kennels. The motion sensor detects movement up to 1.5m and 180 degrees, ensuring effective odor elimination. Plus, it's rechargeable for long-lasting use.

User Guide:

  1. Turn on device by pressing the power button at the back of device
  2. The device is on when blue light is flashing, press the same button for 3secs to turn it off
  3. When the indicator flashes red, it means the device is low on battery. Plug in usb to charge the device
  4. During charging, a flashing blue light means it is charging while a solid blue light means it is ready to use
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