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Wireless Controller for Cirius Pet Warm Cape/ Cape Pro

Wireless Controller for Cirius Pet Warm Cape/ Cape Pro

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Wireless Controller suitable for Circus Pet Warm Cape and Warm Cape Pro.

User Guide:

  1. Connect the wireless controller to the main unit and a 'click' sound should appear if connect properly (Ensure the direction of the triangle is aligned)
  2. Press and hold the grey button on the side for 2-3secs, a green light should appear, indicating it is operational
  3. If the green light didn't turn on, check the orientation of the wireless controller (logo should be facing upward)

Important Reminders:

  • When using the wireless controller, the temperature is fixed at 36°C and cannot be adjusted.
  • Please be cautious as the wireless controller will vibrate when turned on and one minute before it turns off, we recommend setting and turning on the controller before fitting it on your pet.
  • Attaching the wireless controller to the product while it is powered on may cause malfunctions.
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